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The City of Richmond & Counties of Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico


Local & State Taxes

State Taxes

Corporate income tax - 6 percent; has not changed since 1972.

Individual income tax - 2 percent on the first $3,000; 3 percent on the next $2,000; 5 percent on the next $12,000; 5.75 percent over $17,000.

Sales and use tax - 5.3 percent (4.3 percent state and 1 percent local); the fifth lowest rate in the nation. Broad sales tax exemptions for business include all purchases used directly in production; gas, electricity, or water delivered through mains, lines, or pipes; and custom computer software.

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Local Taxes

Real estate is taxed at the local level.

Tangible personal property tax rates vary by locality and type of property. Tangible personal property includes motor vehicles; machinery and equipment; and office equipment, furniture, and fixtures. Exempt items include computer application software; furniture and fixtures and corporate aircraft of manufacturing, mining, and certain other businesses; manufacturers' inventory; and merchandise in a foreign trade zone.

Localities may exempt certain kinds of property or tax it at a lower rate.

Localities also may impose the Consumer Utility Tax on utility bills and either a Business, Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) Tax or a Merchant's Capital Tax.

Real Estate Taxes

Locality Tax Rate  
Chesterfield $0.96 For additional information on local taxes click here
Hanover County $0.81 Hanover (outside Town of Ashland)
$0.90 Hanover (inside Town of Ashland)
For additional information on local taxes click here
Henrico $0.87 For additional information on local taxes click here
Richmond $1.20 For additional information on local taxes click here

Rates are per $100 of assessed value.

For a complete guide to Virginia State and Local Taxes, please view the Virginia Guide to Local Taxes on Business (interactive booklet will open in a new window). This guide is prepared by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.

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