Kästle Aschliman

Community Relations Manager

+1 804 343 6960

Kästle’s unique first name has long been a topic of discussion. “People always ask how to pronounce it. My parents were avid skiers, and Kästle is a performance ski maker, hence the name.” (Hint: It rhymes with Westley.)

Originally hired in an administrative role, she was quickly able to show off her skills and potential before being promoted to Community Relations Manager.

She was able to mold the Partnership’s investor relations program into a successful donor program, as the organization asks for investments for a five-year economic development plan. Kästle is tasked with assisting the Partnership in fundraising efforts as well as constant communication with its investors and stakeholders.

Kästle has lived in five other states before becoming a Virginian in 2013, including California, Nevada, Indiana, North Carolina and Texas, but loves the proximity to her family. “It’s the first time since I was 17 where I’m within driving distance of my mother!”

Kästle and her husband, Clay, live in Henrico County. They’ve quickly become regulars at the local breweries, tasting the newest batch from favorite spots like The Answer and Legend.

Kästle graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a major in Education.