Olga Molnar

Olga Molnar

Vice President of Business Development

Olga Molnar

+1 804 343 6964
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Olga serves as Vice President of Business Development developing and maintaining relationships with foreign consuls, embassies and international resources. Taking on the challenge of promoting the Richmond Region around the globe as the best business locations in the country is motivating to Olga. “Most of the international companies have never heard of Richmond. It is part of my job to develop a strategy on how we can make our region known around the world.”

Olga served as Research Manager at the Partnership for 10 years before her promotion. She originally started as an intern in 2006 as a student of the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Masters in Urban and Regional Planning program while also earning her Public Management Certificate. After graduating from VCU, she was hired on full-time as Research Manager.

Born and raised in Ukraine, she attended Uzhhorod National University before receiving her undergraduate degree from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Ala., with a B.S. in International Studies.

Her international background and experience with the Partnership affords her a unique perspective on U.S. economic development. “I like looking at the big picture. Economic development does not stop at U.S. but goes beyond its borders and reaches across oceans.”

Olga favors the diversity Greater Richmond offers regarding culture, venues, ethnic foods, restaurants, and people. She has been able to connect with the large Ukrainian community in the area. She enjoys the region’s urban life and the cultural amenities – museums, galleries, parks, festivals, events and the easy access to the beach, mountains and to the nation’s capital. Olga resides in Henrico County with her husband and three children.

Olga has many talents, including being fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English and playing the piano when she has time.