GRP Statement on Navy Hill

The Greater Richmond region’s robust economy and talented workforce are keys to helping recruit new businesses. Still, it’s important for our local partners to seek means to elevate the region further as a global business destination. One way in which this can be accomplished is through enhancing economic and cultural opportunities, which in turn attract both people and companies.

The Greater Richmond Partnership supports projects which aggressively generate economic opportunities, create quality jobs for all the citizens of the region while increasing the tax base for needed community services. The Navy Hill project has the potential to do just that.

The project would complement existing regional assets such as the Greater Richmond Convention Center where business leaders visit RVA often for the first time. In addition, our region is in dire need of additional office space, housing options and cultural amenities all of which are important components. Taken together, these factors work to support GRP’s efforts to locate new domestic and international companies in the region while continuing to strengthen our region’s economy.