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Creative is a purveyor of business furnishings, collaborative technology, flooring systems and wall systems. Creative was founded in 1995, and today has three locations in Virginia: Ashland, Charlottesville and Chesapeake, with close to 100 employees.

Creative goes beyond simply supplying furniture and AV equipment. The company integrates workplace interior and technology to achieve business results. Globalization, technological advances, environmental sensitivity and multi-generational workplaces have created an environment where “business as usual” is a death sentence.

Creative helps organizations embrace change, and create spaces where technology and environment are developed in tandem in order to motivate, inspire and stimulate collaboration and innovation.

In 2007, Creative relocated their headquarters and distribution operations in an 88,000-square-foot facility in Hanover County’s Northlake Business Park just off Interstate 95.

Hanover’s interstate access was one factor that led to the move. Business clients in Downtown Richmond and Innsbrook are only 15 minutes away, and there is great access to markets across the state and region.

The building was a big factor in the selection of this location, too. It had the square footage the company needed, the construction was impeccable, and the interior was unique with an open floor plan and exposed beams.

“The space is a great marketing tool. Our home in Hanover and the Northlake Business Park provides our customers and employees the quality environment they have come to expect,” says Robert DeLille, CEO of Creative.

A small, personable county government also makes doing business in Hanover enjoyable. It’s easy to get to know people, and staff members are readily available. “You can pick up the phone and say, ‘I need some help!'” DeLille shares.