McKinney & Company is a multi-discipline planning, design and construction firm. The staff practices in all areas of engineering, architecture, land planning and landscape architecture, project and construction management, construction materials testing and construction services. Due to their full-service approach, McKinney & Company has the ability to manage projects completely in-house, from start to finish. Clients span the life sciences, corporations, industries and communities.

The firm is headquartered in Ashland, Va., and has additional offices in Williamsburg, Va., and Panama City, Panama.

Since day one, the firm has been happy with its home base of Ashland, 10 miles north of the City of Richmond. There isn’t a lot of traffic, it’s easy to find parking, and there’s plenty to do and see within walking distance.

“Hanover County’s good quality of life attracts talent. We’re getting the people we want for our team,” shares Art McKinney, Chairman.

Hanover also offers low taxes, including a regionally competitive BPOL tax rate. Real estate costs are regionally competitive as well.

A strong county government also helps encourage growth and success. “The county is well run. They’ve done a good job navigating the recession,” McKinney says.

Hanover’s labor pool is attractive, too. Hanover has a wonderful workforce in place, that’s well trained and under-utilized.

Nancy Walker, P.E., McKinney & Company’s President & CEO, agrees. The workforce is a huge positive for the region. Plus, the quality of life is outstanding. “It’s nice here. You don’t have to go far for country. The relaxed, slow pace of life is a nice change from the busy city,” Walker says.