The Greater Richmond Partnership’s vision is simple: favorably impact the region’s economic prosperity.

In our region, we benefit from thriving businesses, steady employment, affordable housing, well-funded arts and community organizations and more.

Greater Richmond is emerging as one of America’s most creative and livable regions. From the startup in a garage to a distribution center near the James River to a new tower on the skyline, our region prospers in ways that improve the quality of life for every person who calls the Richmond area home.

True prosperity doesn’t happen in isolation. It takes partnership across different borders and diverse industries. It takes promotion to bring the world to our doorstep. And it takes pride, an abiding appreciation for the simple fact that we live in one of the nation’s most remarkable success stories.

Vision Statement

Greater Richmond will be the top mid-sized region in the U.S. for companies to invest.

Mission Statement

To aggressively generate economic opportunities that create quality jobs for residents in the region and increase the tax base for needed community services.