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Greater Richmond offers one of the best location values for data centers in the mid-Atlantic. The region offers pre-certified, secure sites, reliable fiber and redundant power paired with moderate costs and a business-friendly operating environment.

The area has a rich tapestry of existing fiber networks, internet exchanges, SDN networks and data centers serving thousands of customers. The recent arrival of the MAREA and BRUSA subsea cables, which terminate in Henrico County, has opened the European, Latin and South American markets to the region via the lowest latency and highest capacity ever deployed between the continents. All of these networks peer with each other in the QTS Richmond NAP.

  • The MAREA cable operates at 160 Tbps to transport large amounts of traffic as well as to handle other market needs such as virtual reality, IoT and artificial intelligence.
  • The BRUSA cable connects to San Juan and Puerto Rico as well as Rio De Janeiro and Fortaleza, Brazil, and operates up to 138 Tbps.
  • The Dunant cable is the first long-haul subsea cable to feature a 12 fiber pair space-division multiplexing (SDM) design and delivers record-breaking capacity of 250 Tbps.

Planned fiberoptic connections include:

  • The South Atlantic Express (SAEx) will connect the U.S. to South Africa via Fortaleza, Brazil, at 72 Tbps. A second phase will connect South Africa to Singapore and India.
  • The Midgardsormen will link the U.S. to Norway and Denmark.

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