Real estate in Richmond Region offers a variety of options for small and large businesses. The region offers:

  • Prepared sites and buildings in more than 100 office and industrial parks.
  • Many incubator facilities for small, start-up businesses.
  • Building construction costs that are 13 percent below the national average.
  • Local economic development offices to support fast-tracking for projects.

By contacting the Greater Richmond Partnership directly with your real estate requirements, we can provide you with custom, current, and complete real estate options and solutions.

The Partnership also has a subscription to the CoStar property database. Please call 804-643-3227 or contact us online with additional site requests.

Becknell Henrico Spec Buildings

Total Space: 246,760 SF

Site Size: 246,760 SF

Zone: M-2

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Airport Center I

Total Space: 25,500 SF

Site Size: 141,613 SF

Zone: M-1

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Highwoods Centre

Total Space: 18,356 SF

Site Size: 58,325 SF

Zone: O-3C

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Best Plaza

Total Space: 58.8 acres

Site Size: 58.8 acres

Zone: O-3C

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White Oak Technology Park

Total Space: 1,292 acres

Site Size: 2,270 acres

Zone: M-2

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Watkins Centre

Total Space: 268 acres

Site Size: 500 ac / 200 ha

Zone: C-3, I-2

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Holland Axselle

Total Space: 275 acres

Site Size: 277 ac / 110.8 ha

Zone: M1

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Northlake Commerce Center

Total Space: 108,000 SF

Site Size: 152,000 SF

Zone: M-2

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Riverfront Plaza West

Total Space: 110,368 SF

Site Size: 490,865 SF

Zone: Business

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Millworks at the Green Office Park

Total Space: 9,450 SF

Site Size: 9,450 SF

Zone: O-2

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Crescent Business Center V

Total Space: 12,892 SF

Site Size: 51,800 SF

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Hanover Business Center

Total Space: 1,886 SF

Site Size: 34,000 SF

Zone: M-1

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Philip Morris USA Operations Center

Total Space: 463,786 SF

Site Size: 570,149 SF

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Meadowville Technology Park

Site Size: 1,300 acres

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