The Richmond Region has a long list of successful advanced manufacturing companies including DuPont’s Kevlar-producing plant and AdvanSix’s advanced fiber facility.

Advanced manufacturing technologies, including computer-aided engineering, computer-integrated manufacturing, robotics and automated materials handling, are applied across the manufacturing sector to improve efficiency and productivity. Specific target clusters include fine chemicals, packaging equipment and materials, and defense.

Companies in this cluster with a history of success in Greater Richmond include DuPont and Honeywell (advanced fibers), Alloy Polymers (plastics), Flexicell (robotic packaging equipment) and Spec Ops Inc. (mobile emergency command centers).

Subcategories of this cluster include:

  • Machinery
  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Fine Chemicals

Representative Companies

Richmond Firsts

DuPont produced the nation’s first cellophane in Richmond in 1930.

Tethered balloons, the first military “aircraft,” were used for aerial reconnaissance in Civil War campaigns around Richmond.

In 1888, Julian Frank Sprague put into operation the first commercial streetcar system powered by overhead electric lines from a central station.

Reynolds Metals Company (now Alcoa) developed the recyclable all-aluminum can in 1963 in Richmond.

Reynolds Wrap was pioneered in Richmond in 1947 by Reynolds Metals Company (now Alcoa).

In 1619, the nation’s first ironworks were established at Falling Creek in Chesterfield County.