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News | 2 min read

Sabra Dipping Company churns out new hummus recipe in Chesterfield

March 26, 2024

Sabra Dipping Company

Fans of Sabra Dipping Company may have noticed a change in the taste of the company’s classic hummus since the beginning of the year.

That change took place in Chesterfield County, as Sabra changed its recipe to improve the flavor of its top-selling hummus.

“On the base hummus, it was less about having more flavors, and more about fixing the deficiencies that consumers might not be excited about,” said Olu Diyaolu, Sabra’s Global Chief Research, Development and Sustainability Officer. “We don’t want the consumer to feel like they were compromised on flavor and taste, so we wanted to extend the fresh taste of it.”

For the new recipe, Sabra developed a proprietary sesame seed specification and enhanced its roasting process to improve the tahini portion of the hummus. More garlic and spices were added as well.

“Our consumers wanted a stronger garlic profile,” said Daniel Hibbert, senior culinary scientist at Sabra. “We did our own internal analysis as well as an external analysis to find the best profile, while still cutting back on some of the negative attributes of hummus.”

Sabra, which has around 500 employees, produces its hummus at the company’s facility in South Chesterfield. The facility opened in 2010 and has expanded three times to bring the total size to more than 250,000 square feet.

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