With 25 years of international marketing experience, the Partnership is equipped to handle all types of company relocations and expansions; and if we aren’t the most qualified party to help you with a particular challenge, chances are we know who is.

Visit Services

After you decide to visit the Richmond Region, we will work with your needs to create a complete visit itinerary, from your hotel reservations, to site visits, to meetings with experienced service providers who will guide you through the location process with professional advice.

Real Estate

The Richmond Region’s building costs are well below the U.S. average. We can you help find adequate space whether it’s acreage for building, a location downtown, or a space in an office park. Whatever you decide, we can provide you with the best options to match your needs, including a real estate tour as part of your visit itinerary.


Meet the people who will help springboard you to success in the U.S. When appropriate, we can connect you to Richmond-area suppliers, similar or complimentary businesses and previously located companies. And, once you’ve decided to locate, we can address your needs by pointing you in the right direction.


The Richmond Region’s diverse industries and almost 30 educational institutions provide an ample supply of skilled personnel. We’ll help match you with the desired employees through connections with local workforce groups and professional staffing agencies.

Employee Relocation

Moving to a new community involves more than the relocation of the business. Ultimately, your employees will be building a new life. That’s why we’ve dedicated a whole website, LoveWhatYouFind.com, to help your employees’ transition into Richmond run as smoothly as possible. We provide information on communities, housing options, services, education, entertainment, and much more!


Our research department can provide a bevy of information about the Richmond Region, including cost comparisons, labor data, tax information and more. A wealth of general information is available on our website, and our team of researchers also provides customized data. If you need advanced research, we can refer you to the appropriate university or private research provider.

Public Relations

Once located, we can assist in announcing your company’s arrival and services to local, regional, and national media through a joint press release and social media promotion. Our level of involvement is up to you.

Want to explore more?

To learn more about the Richmond Region, Virginia, please contact us:

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President & CEO
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