The City of Richmond is Virginia’s richly historic, diverse and inclusive capital city located in the center of the Richmond Region, state and along the East Coast. Located at the crossroads of multi-modal transportation networks including major highways, rail, water and air transport, Richmond is the fastest growing city in the commonwealth. Home to major colleges and universities, a Federal Reserve Bank, the Virginia Bio+Tech Park and a number of Fortune 1000 companies, the City attracts young professionals and seasoned executives alike, who are drawn to the historic and natural beauty, convenience, as well as the low cost of living and doing business that Richmond offers.

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Recent Success Stories

The City of Richmond has seen a number of exciting new companies expand or relocate to the city in the past few years. Recent examples include ICMA-RC, headquartered in Washington, D.C., expanding with 200 new jobs in downtown; CoStar Group, expanding from D.C. with 1,000 new jobs; Owens & Minor expanding in the city with 300 new jobs; Thomson Reuters selecting the city as their Cyber Security Fusion Center; Hourigan Development investing over $75 million in new manufacturing space on over 100 acres minutes from downtown. Additionally, SAIC, AvePoint, CarMax, Minacs and Stone Brewery have all chosen the City as their expansion location.


Probably the biggest reason companies are relocating or expanding in the city is that the City attracts and retains the caliber of workforce that these companies need. From successfully recruiting recent graduates from Virginia Commonwealth University’s downtown campus to professionals from across the region and other more expensive cities, Richmond offers the cultural amenities, convenience and affordability that employees and companies both desire. In addition, the City and State offer workforce development solutions tailored to fit the needs of companies and work with the K-12, community college and higher education institutions to create a strong workforce pipeline.


Education: K-12 and Higher

The City of Richmond offers both traditional K-12 education programs as well as some unique opportunities that are the first the country. CodeRVA is a non-traditional regional public high school that is rethinking the use of time, space and technology to provide opportunities for acceleration and college and career readiness, especially in the area of computer science. Two of the city’s public high schools are ranked among the state’s top high schools. The City is home to Virginia Commonwealth University, one of the largest schools in Virginia, as well as University of Richmond, Virginia Union University, and Reynolds Community College. All of these schools have developed partnership programs with local companies to facilitate internships, apprenticeships and programs tailored to the specific needs of companies.

Public Schools

Multi-Modal Transportation

The City of Richmond is improving upon already existing multi-modal networks and building new options to cater to the companies and citizens that want transportation choices. Many areas of the City are very walkable and bike-friendly, the bus system extends throughout the City. The City has recently unveiled its highly successful and affordable bus rapid transit corridor, extending from the west side of the City to the east. In addition, the City’s grid street system, extensive major highway network, Richmond Marine Terminal connecting to the Port of Virginia via the James River, two rail lines and Amtrak running through the City and the Richmond International Airport just a 10 minute drive from downtown all make the City an ideal location to live and work.



Major Employers

Company Industry
Dominion Energy Utility
WestRock Packaging
Universal Corporation Tobacco Supplier
NewMarket Corporation Chemical Manufacturing
Philip Morris Tobacco and Related Products
CoStar Group Real estate research and data
AvePoint Sharepoint Software Developer
Owens & Minor Medical Supply
The Martin Agency Advertising Agency
Stone Brewing Company Craft Brewery
Ocean Network Express Supply Chain