‘Signing day’ celebrates seniors heading to jobs, not college sports

Allison Slater Tate | Today

Public school officials in Henrico County, Va., decided to focus on seniors who will be heading straight to jobs and careers after graduation, armed with training and industry-based certifications they earned in high school. Though signing days are a familiar ritual for high school athletes committing to college teams, doing the same for vocational students is a new concept.

The county held its first-ever “Career and Technical Letter of Intent Signing Day” on March 28 to celebrate those students and their imminent employment.¬†Henrico recognized 12 seniors as they signed letters of intent to work as machinists or apprentices with local and national companies such as Rolls-Royce in their aeronautical division, paving and construction firm Branscome Inc., Tolley Electric Corporation, and Howell’s Heating & Air.

Over 5,000 students earn industry-based certifications in Henrico each year, and those certifications represent training that could mean immediate employment for students following their high school graduation.

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