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News | 3 min read

Behind the Scenes Documenting the Documentary

June 1, 2011

Greater Richmond Partnership Inc. journals the making of the region’s latest multi-media project.

You know what we need? A video. One that really shows off everything Greater Richmond has to offer. One that makes you want to live here, work here, and do business here. It should be snappy, upbeat, fun, appealing to many walks of life-and it needs to go viral.

You know what else we need? A website. One that shares the experience of living in Greater Richmond and highlights the region’s incredible quality of life. It should be easy to use, resourceful, engaging, vibrant, and make talented, smart people want to move here.

That’s just what the Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc. (GRP) has set out to do. In October, the GRP unveiled a new video and a new website to help market Greater Richmond’s best assets to businesses and people looking to relocate here.

Teaming up with the Richmond Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau (RMCVB) and the Retail Merchants Association (RMA), the “Greater Richmond: Come and Visit, Come and Stay” video series is in the making.

The high-definition videos will serve as a vital marketing tool promoting Greater Richmond’s business and tourism opportunities. It will be viewed in board rooms, in living rooms and, of course, online.

The creative vision for the video series was developed by staff and a local production agency, The Branching, as well as a local screenwriter, Maryann Neary-Gill.

During a few weeks in September and October, the production team and GRP staff member, Michael Ivey, toured the region filming “the awesome” and the historical. They stood near the RIC runways, on the rocks of the James River, and inside businesses. They shot beautiful footage in Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico and the City.

First in the series to be released is an overview piece for the “Come and Stay” portion, which debuted October 27th at GRP’s annual investors’ meeting. “Come and Stay” videos are targeted to business decision makers and the talent they plan to hire. The series helps build the business case for selecting Greater Richmond to locate a company.

Several more videos will be released throughout 2012 focused on the region’s different assets as well as key industries and can be seen on

While developing the video series, the GRP also developed the “Find What You Love, Love What You Find” relocation website ( and, for businesses, an accompanying print piece. Local agencies The Flores Shop and Rick Whittington Consulting worked together for the creative and web development under the direction of GRP’s senior vice- president, Sara Dunnigan. answers the questions people have about what Greater Richmond has to offer their lifestyle. They can find cost of living information, career and networking opportunities, housing information, schools, a variety of fun things to do and information on each of the localities. The video resides there, too.

The website and video are two unique and valuable tools that showcase Greater Richmond’s finest qualities. They help businesses and people discover what we already know-that Greater Richmond is a fantastic place to live, work, play and do business!

You know what else we need? You. Watch the video. Visit the website. And, most importantly, share with your friends.

Used by permission of Grid magazine