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News | 3 min read

Chesterfield named on “Best of Economic Development in Va.” list

March 9, 2016

CHESTERFIELD, Va. – Chesterfield is being recognized in the first annual “Best of Economic Development in Virginia.” Chesterfield Economic Development has been recognized in the “Virginia’s Best Large Market Economic Development Agencies” category by Southern Business and Development magazine. The recognition is part of a review and article covering the best in economic development in 30 different Virginia categories.

Chesterfield was selected by the members of Southern Business and Development’s Southern Economic Development Roundtable at their annual meeting in January. The Roundtable members include current and former Secretaries of Commerce along with educators, economists, consultants and local economic developers. The top three vote recipients for each category are cited. In the case of a tie, a fourth winner is listed.

‘We are extremely pleased to be selected as Best in Virginia”, said Jay Stegmaier, County Administrator. “This is recognition of the long term support and effort the Board of Supervisors and the County devotes to growing businesses in Chesterfield. We have one of the best economic development teams in the world” added Stegmaier.

The recognition will be in the March/April issue of Southern Business & Development which will feature the “Best of Economic Development in Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.”

Southern Business and Development is a media property that has covered economic development in the Ameri­can South, the world’s fourth-largest economy, for more than 20 years. Southern Business and Development is frequently quoted by CNN, Time, AP, ABC News, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, PBS, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, the BBC and dozens of other electronic media and in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, USA Today and The New York Times. The magazine’s per issue circulation averages 12,814.

Southern Business and Development targets c-suite executive readers in key markets and states located outside the American South. States where readership is emphasized with each edition include Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania in the Northeast, Illinois, In­diana, Michigan and Ohio in the Midwest and California and Washington on the Pacific coast. Approximately 900 site consultants and/or SIOR members do­ing business in the U.S. receive each edition.

“Chesterfield Economic Development is one of the top performing economic development agencies in the South or the US for that matter. Their list of major successes continues to grow and is evidence of the quality and consistency of the program,” said Michael Randle, Editor and Publisher of Southern Business and Development.