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News | 1 min read

INDEVCO North America pivots to make fabric for medical protective gowns

May 8, 2020

Hanover County-based packaging manufacturer INDEVCO North America announced Thursday that it’s shifting its manufacturing materials to make materials for protective isolation gowns, worn by first responders and medical workers.

The company typically produces house wrapping material under its Barricade Building Products brand, but due to COVID-19, there’s been a decrease in U.S. housing starts — but a surge in demand for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Possessing the raw materials and equipment, INDEVCO North America’s Specialty Coating & Laminating (SC&L) plant in Doswell, Virginia, has begun to produce and supply fabric for the gowns. Industrial fabric rollstocks are sold to Virginia companies that produce disposable medical PPE to be cut and sewn into gowns.

One of INDEVCO’s customers, a Virginia-based manufacturer (that INDEVCO asked not to be named in the story) sells the finished isolation gowns to be used by first responders and health care workers within Virginia. SC&L’s manufacturing processes can produce volumes of gown rollstock that can be converted into millions of gowns per week, according to Geoff Baldwin, president of INDEVCO North America Paper Division.

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